Planning a Wedding on the Eastern Shore

April 4, 2018

I am constantly getting questions about our wedding, and today I am leaking all the there is to know about planning a wedding on the Eastern Shore, with a little help from My Eastern Shore Weddings.

When Mike and I started planning our wedding we knew we wanted to have it in Maryland and most importantly on the Eastern Shore side, it's were we met and it's our home. Being a local from Easton,  I knew my first step was to put a plan into action, but didn't know where to start? Luckily my mom (who has been an event planner for over 30 years), told me about a site called My Eastern Shore Weddings.

Here's a little background about what this site is.

"Looking for a unique place for your engagement photos? Love the idea of a local sweet treat for your reception? Thinking of ways to feature the quintessential Maryland Blue Crab into your menu, but with a twist? These are the things that make us tick, and what we live daily! And as lovers of everything local, we’ve made it our business to make these things available for you to discover. "

I practically LIVED on this site while I was planning my wedding, it was so easy to follow and the amount of information that was offered on this site was amazing!

When you enter their site you can find anything from resources such as apparel, accommodations, makeup, florist and the list goes on and on.

But one of my most visited portion of their site was their blog itself. It gave my husband and I ideas of what we wanted to incorporate in our wedding, from types of flower we saw from another couples wedding, to the creative way couples included a party favor for their guest. All in all this site was a lifesaver (and my mom with all her connections ha), in planning the wedding of our dreams.

If you're planning an Eastern Shore wedding, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this site!  Our wedding was featured on their blog as well, so if you need some inspiration for your big day hope our special day helps with your planning process!  

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