Summertime Blue With INK Sunscreen

August 25, 2018

I've partnered with INK to feature their sunscreen in this post. While this post is sponsored, opinions & thoughts are my own.

Hey Ya'll! Fun fact, did you know I have three tattoos?!?! & that I drew all of them!

My first one was when I turned 18 (what can I say I was rebellious teenager), it's a bird on my lower back (it's NOT a tramp stamp ha it's off to the side so I don't consider that a tramp stamp). My first tattoo I wanted something that represented spreading my wings leaving the nest, heading to college, and I thought a bird best represented that.

Second tattoo is on my foot, I got it when I was in college, it's a crown which represents my sorority (try and guess the sorority), myself and two other of my sisters got them once we got initiated.

Third was my most painful tattoo, it's behind my ear. It's three little starts representing my mom, dad, and sister. 

I get asked all the time "do you ever regret getting them?". I don't regret ever getting a tattoo, I think tattoo's are great way to express yourself in a different way but you also need to take care of them so they stay vibrant and beautiful. 

ENTER INK tattoo Sunscreen! I LOVE this product and have nothing but nice things to say about it. I live by the beach and I'm constantly exposing my tattoos to UV rays which is terrible because it fades them and discolors them. But with INK it keeps my tattoos looking like new! It's cruelty free (winning!), and contains coconut oil, Aloe Vera & vitiman E, and is sent free!

I will defiantly be restocking on this product for next summer! 

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