Quick Trip: Ashville, NC - Booze, Bites & Everything in Between

November 6, 2018

Hey Ya'll!

Ashville, NC oh how I love you! This is my second time visiting and it get's more exciting each time we visit. If you're planning a quick trip for just a few days then I've got all the places you NEED to try! Some spots are local joints, some are touristy and others are pure inspiration. As far as places to stay I highly recommend an AirBnB, and staying downtown if you can, but we decided to try a places closer to the mountains which was worth the extra 20 minute drive.


My husband and I are craft beer people! Ashville is the place to be when it comes to all things craft beer, there are TONS of local breweries, and trust me we've tried a good amount but still haven't hit them all. If you're a first timer then New Belgium & Sierra Nevada are two must see's, they're pretty popular breweries and absolutely stunning to adventure around in. New Belgium over looks the river and is few minutes outside of downtown. Sierra Nevada however is about 25-30 minutes and you could honestly spend an entire day there with all the different things to see and do (however I recommend going in the spring time when it's nice out).

As far as downtown breweries here is a list of MUST see:

Our first trip to Ashville we did the Pubcycle Tour, it was a lot of fun and it stops at 3 or 4 different breweries downtown, just enough time to try a beer before you hop back on the bike and continue drinking.

Wicked Weed Brewery
(this is our FAVORITE, gotta try the Milk & Cookie is my all time favorite holy heck!)

Twin Leaf Brewery

Funkatoriuum Brewery
(which is also owned by Wicked Weed)

Ashville  Brewing Company

Again there are so many more you should try but these at the top of my list.

Now let's get into BITES.

I'm a coffee lover (well it's more of an obsession ha). We stumbled upon this amazing coffee shop called Flora (& Forage). This was a plant store & coffee shop all wrapped in one. I was all at once excited and yet regretful; so excited because I wanted to buy everything in the store and regretful because I wanted to buy everything in the store. You know, that feeling you get when you go to the home decor section at Target? Like you just want it ALL? Amplify that by about ten.The menu was simple -- espresso based drinks, black coffee and a tea selection. I'm going to admit in full truth that I didn't even pay attention to what coffee they brewed. I got a chai latte and didn't look back. It wasn't the hands down best chai I've ever had, but it was good! The coffee shop has no big frills. But it was such a neat unexpected find that I had to share.


Other places you MUST try are:

I highly recommend hitting up Buxton Hall any day of the week, for lunch or dinner.  If you happen to go when you have more time on your hands, make a day of it and start here with some BBQ, then pop in next door to Catawba Brewery or two doors down to Vortex Doughnuts.

Anything with a name like that sounds dangerously good in our book. This place centers around homemade biscuits of all kinds: They even have a butter and jam bar with artisanal mixes you can try with whatever you ordered:It turns out these biscuits are referred to as "Cat Heads," meaning they are literally the size of a cat's head. This was one brunch for the history books and a place we'd definitely recommend trying out if you are near the area: there will always be a line outside, but it's well worth the wait!

Other then eating and drinking we did go exploring (figured we needed to walk off all the beer ha).

We were hoping to explore Mt. Mitchell (which is the highest point east of the Mississippi), the drive itself to the top takes about 45 minutes and has breath taking views, but sadly it was closed due to bad weather. But on our drive up the mountain were able to stop get a few photos.

Lastly, another MUST see and do are the waterfalls. There are many places to explore but we really enjoy DuPont State Forest. If you're looking for a whole day of adventure you can easily hike to nearby Triple Falls, High Falls or Bridal Veil Falls.

I hope this is helpful when if you're planning a trip! 


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