A Capsule Wardrobe: " Part 2: Making a List, Checking it Twice"

January 8, 2019

Hey Ya'll

I left you hanging there on the is whole Capsule Wardrobe Series (my bad), so here is the next step to  creating your dream wardrobe.

Okay…so we’ve purged our closets, we’ve sorted the items into piles, and we’re ready for the next step in curating our capsule wardrobe! If you haven't already done step one, you should read that post first. This next one is a bit like doing homework…but like the MOST fun homework ever!  I’m not going to reinvent the wheel (at least not right now… 😏), so I’m going to talk about how to move forward to actually choosing your capsule items!

I have to tell you, this is one of my very favorite parts of putting together my capsules…ORGANIZATION and PLANNING!! It feels so good to have a plan, to know what I’m doing, to have a budget worked out, to know all the things!  Using the free capsule wardrobe planner from the Un-Fancy blog, I get started on each season’s capsule.  It is an amazingly well thought out and easy to use tool so that you don’t feel awkward and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to define your style with only a tiny number of clothes.  This planner maps it all out for you, and, by the end, you come away knowing what you love, what makes you happy and feel beautiful, and what you still need in order to complete your capsule!

Like I said, I’m not going to reinvent the wheel when Caroline Joy of Un-Fancy.com has already compiled such an AWESOME (and free!) capsule wardrobe planner!  Y’all…go check this chick out.  She is totally my inspiration for living the capsule wardrobe lifestyle.
Some of my favorite sections in the planner are:
– A lifestyle pie chart so you can see exactly what types of clothes you need (i.e. are you in biz mode most of the time, or are you in casual mode?)
– Color planner: you map out your major colors that showed up in your “Love love love it” pile, along with some accent colors so you can curate a coordinating wardrobe that will come together easily every single time.  (For example, my main colors ended up being denim and whites/creams, blacks and then my accent colors were soft pinks, grey's, some light blue.).

This step is in my opinion the most tedious,but again if you're like me and enjoy being organized then you're going to love doing part 2!
Want to know my method and the next step…?
Stick around–the next post on Jo's Notes Capsule Series is headed your way! (i promise I won't leaving you hanging this time!)
XO - Jo

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