Disneyland Paris - Good, Bad & The Magical

March 8, 2019

Hi Friends --

The long and waited Disneyland Paris post is here! I thought to myself, how do I want to go about this? Do I give you a full review? Do I give tips on how to save money? So I'm going to spit it up and write two posts (holy heck I know).

This post is going to be my overall experience, the good, bad & magical parts.

The Good:

The good is obvious, YOU'RE IN DISNEY! That's my only good thing, moving on.

Just kidding! There were a lot of good parts about when I visited Disneyland Paris.
I went during the winter season (January to be exact). There were NO lines for anything, no crowds, you could actually meet and interact with characters without being in extremely long lines, which I never get to do when I go to any of the other parks. Tower Of Terror, Ratatouille, Pete Pans Flight, are some on the most popular attractions and the lines were less then 5 minutes. I like to get take a lot of photos (duh here is my instagram if you want to check out some of them), so finding great spots for photos, like the castle one above, or the balloon photo below was another great perk again without having  to wait for people to move or take forever at the spot you want to take a photo of. Lastly, the BEST part was getting an up close spot for the the Pirates & Princess Parade! Let's be real, I usually never watch any of the parades because of the crowds and I'm most likely in line for one of the rides that has a long wait. But the getting to actually enjoy a parade with a good view was truly magical! So honestly, the limited crowd and small lines was a big perk about going this time of year.

The Bad:

I sadly have a few bad things that I encountered while visiting this magical park. With it being the middle of January, it's freeeeezzzing! Holy heck, I had so many layers on I was still freezing my Minnie ears off. Some rides I wanted to do (Flying Dumbos, Toy Story Roller Coaster), were unbearable due to the temperature outside, so that was a bummer. With it being winter and off season a lot of the attractions at both parks were closed for renovations, like Rockin Roller Coaster & Art of Animation, so keep that in mind when you're planning a trip in the winter, you're still paying full price for very little access to some great attractions. Another downside was the food, almost none of the restaurants were open, not even the quick services stand for snacks. I think it was around 3 pm myself and my mom were really hungry and we couldn't find anything open. It was extremely disappointing that even the Ratatouille restaurant was closed, again for renovations, we ended up going to the only the spot open, and they started closing the buffet down at 4:30, we didn't even get dessert because it was fully shut down, and we paid a lot of money to eat there. I would suggests bring snacks if you choose to go in the winter. Lastly, the merchandise was very disappointing as well. I wanted so badly to find mystery pin packs, and there were NONE to be found, they don't have them at all. There were somethings that only Disneyland Paris offers, but I was picked over I luckily go the very last Minnie Pin (thank the Disney Gods).

The Magical

Even though we ran into some not so great things at these parks, it was still magical and an experience I will never forget. Getting to spend that time with mom was really special and unforgettable. It also snowed while were there and seeing The Made Hatter running around in the snow and other characters doing the same is something not a lot of people get to experience. Seeing all little girls dressed in princess outfits, I even got a a balloon for a photo and then gave it to this sweet little girl after I was done with it, its moments like that when you can create your own magic that are truly special about Disney. I also met two youtubers, Georgia May & Misha Grimes, such nice people! We start chatting about their channels and my blog and even took some pictures together, Disney just brings people together!

To wrap up, yes I will never go back to Disneyland Paris in the winter, but I look forward to going back one day in the future, and my love for Disney will never change, no matter what bad experience I may encounter, the magic moment make up for it.

XO- Jo

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